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Merican Mule

Summer BBQ Mules

Summer 2022 officially starts on ​​Tuesday, June 21. But we all know that summer is here, and the search for the perfect summer drink is over. ‘Merican Mule [LIGHT] is the answer to everyone’s prayers!

The new [LIGHT] line will pair perfectly with all your summer BBQs. Whether you’re a guest invited to someone else’s barbecue or you’re hosting your own, Mules are the go-to. Pick up a case and bring it to the BBQ, ready to drink, and be the hit of someone else’s party. If you’re hosting, then get a few cases and stay stocked up for the whole party so that you’re known as the best hosts all summer. Fill up all of the coolers with some canned cocktails that are ready to drink, delicious, and will satisfy everyone’s cravings as they wait for all of the food. Your guests can choose from the four original Mules:  Moscow Mule (vodka), Mexican Mule (tequila), Tropical Mule (rum), and Southern Mule (whiskey) that all have 7% ABV with the variety pack. To offer even more variety for your guests, get the new [LIGHT] line which offers four flavors of vodka-based cocktails: blood orange, mango, blackberry, and watermelon that all have 4.5% ABV and a refreshing taste.

There’s something for everyone, so all of your guests will be happy with the variety of tastes that ‘Merican Mule has to offer! 

Next time you’re hosting a BBQ, don’t just pick up the burgers, hotdogs and buns, make sure to stop by a liquor store near you (or order online) and grab yourself some ‘Mules to make the day one to remember by everyone (or forget)! Be the hit of summer 2022!