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Summer 2022 bucket list

With summer 2022 sadly coming to an end, don’t forget to knock those things off your bucket list that you’ve been wanting to do! It pains me to say that for most of us, our summer relaxation is fleeting, and we need to make the most of it while we can. 

A few fun ideas from ‘Merican Mule to do before summer’s officially over:

  • Go to an outdoor concert

  • Go to a new beach you’ve never explored before

  • Go boating with friends/family

  • Go on a hike that you’ve been wanting to do

  • Go paddle boarding 

  • Go to a sporting event

  • Go surfing

  • Go rock climbing

  • Go golfing 

  • Take a trip somewhere new 

  • Go tubing down a river 

  • Go on a picnic

  • Go fishing 

Whatever it is that you hoped to do this summer, do it while you still can! And you can do it with a mule in hand!