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(Safe) At-Home Ways to bring Football Season to Life

Postponed college ball, empty NFL stadiums, and closed sports bars across the states… Football season sure looks a little different thanks to the on-going global pandemic. Fans have been robbed from meeting their crew in stadium parking lots and neighborhood pubs for kick-off. Not to worry, we have shared three spirited ways to catch live(stream) football safely from home.

Backyard Stadium

Invite a few friends over for a backyard hang. Space out (at least six-feet apart) throw pillows, blankets, ottomans, and stools around a linked television outside. Ignite the barbecue to grill stadium classics such as hotdogs, burgers, and pizza. Pair the American fare with ‘Merican Mule at your makeshift concession stand. The impressive range stretches from original Moscow Mule with four-times distilled, corn-based vodka to “beach-bound” Tropical Mule with premium rum and freshly squeezed pineapple – all standing at 7% ABV. The Southern Mule combines bourbon, orange and cherry juices, and natural ginger for a bright refresher (also great partner to soft, salty pretzels).

Sometimes, the best moments in life aren’t the biggest parties, but the low-key hangs with friends who are family. ‘Merican Mule was made to cherish those moments while sippin’ on the gingery stuff. Guilt-free, (some) gluten-free cans worth cracking all football season long.



Driveway Tailgate

Tell your pals to roll through (literally) and back rear-first into the driveway. Suggest ‘em to bring their own game-time snacks and drinks – conceivably beer or cocktails in a can – to prevent a spread of germs. All should pop the trunk or bed of their vehicles for lounging and looking at the “big screen.” Got a projector? Aim the game on the garage door (and consider gathering at dusk for a clear home-viewing).

Have some fun playing commercial bingo. Write in large companies that you think would pay big bucks for an ad, and then see if you can snag five in a straight line. Winner gets… a koozie?

Garage Gathering

Carefully welcome your circle inside. Raise a garage door or two, and set up half indoors allowing a clean breeze to pass by and push out potential germs. Line up space heaters and Fire Mule cans to provide warmth if needed. This style delivers a delicious blend of bourbon, spicy ginger, and fiery hot cinnamon. Clear out the cars and create that big-screen display with a hung bedsheet and planted projector. Deck the garage walls with your favorite team’s colors, logo and mascot.

If you are a sporty bunch, challenge your buddies to a football throw out front, which requires a hula hoop and footballs, of course. Aim for the hoop (and hope for the best). When your football crosses through the hoop, immediately break down into your victory dance. Just try not to spill your chilled can of choice.

After warming up the body, prepare for the big game with your own little game of American football… Split the squad for a quick game of flag or touch football. Weather permits, obviously.