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Merican Mule

Ringing in the New Year with mules!

Can you believe that 2022 is over already? It’s so nice to look back at all you’ve achieved this past year and all of the memories you’ve made.

Take a moment to reflect on some of your favorite memories from 2022…

  • Who were the people who made this past year so special and memorable?

  • What new places did you visit and adventures did you go on that you can now say you’ve crossed off of your bucket list?

  • What are the most important things you’ve learned this year?

  • What made 2022 such a good year for you?

  • What do you want to bring into 2023 with you from this year?

Reflecting on all of these things is a great way to start thinking about what you’ve done in the past year and how you felt, and figuring out what you want to bring into 2023 with you or leave in 2022. This is a great segway into making your New Year’s resolutions for this year!

Here at ‘Merican Mule, we’re looking back at how much we’ve grown during 2022! We now ship to over 30 states across the country, came out with the [LIGHT] mules that have only 99 calories, and are working on new things for 2023 😉 We love sharing mules with you and seeing all of the amazing memories you make with them. We can’t wait to continue to grow in 2023 and satisfy all of your canned cocktail needs!

I know a lot of my favorite memories from 2022 I’ve made with a mule in hand and great company around me. I plan to do the same next year, and so should you! ‘Merican Mule’s have great flavors, are easy to bring with you wherever you go, and create some very fun times.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve just got a lot easier with ‘Merican Mule! Whether you’re hosting or attending a party, mules are the perfect drink that requires no preparation- just crack open a can and drink! With ‘Merican Mule’s variety of spirits and flavors, there’s a mule for everyone at the party! Let us help you make this the best New Year’s Eve yet by grabbing a few cases of mules for the night; your friends are guaranteed a fun night!

Have a fun and happy New Years, we’ll see you next year!