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Next up: Drinksgiving

Now that Halloween’s over, all that I’ve got on my mind is Drinksgiving… I mean Mules-giving.

What is Drinksgiving, you ask?

Drinksgiving is the night prior to Thanksgiving, which ensures that everyone is tired and hungry for the Thanksgiving day feast. This holiday is an important time for coming home and catching up with old friends from school, to hang out at bars and pubs before spending the weekend with family. If you haven’t participated in this holiday yet, picture coming back to see all of your hometown friends all in one place, hopping from bar to bar, and catching up with these people that you usually don’t get the pleasure of seeing! For bars and restaurants, this night has the potential to be as big as St. Patrick’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday, and is said to be the “best bar night of the year”. This holiday got its name from the uptick in bar patrons joining together after months—or years—to indulge in their drink of choice before celebrating Thanksgiving.

When you were younger did  you ever wonder why your Uncle John or Aunt Deb were so cranky on Thanksgiving morning? Well it’s because they attended Drinksgiving the night before, and they had the time of their lives! Take it from us, and enjoy this Drinksgiving with a good group of old friends and a few packs of mules…

Some people call it Drinksgiving, others call it Blackout Wednesday, but we here call it Mulesgiving!