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Merican Mule

About the Copper Mug

If you’ve ever ordered a Moscow Mule at the bar, you know that they’re served in a copper mug. This has become the staple for Moscow Mules. 



Copper mugs are as simple as their name: a mug, but made of copper and used to drink a nice iced cold Moscow Mule. Copper Mugs are more than just a cool trend though, there’s a reason that they’re used. That’s because Copper controls temperature and keeps the mule cold. The copper enhances the flavors of the ginger and citrus lime, and the vodka flavor. The mug keeps your mule chilly and refreshing, so you can sip on it for a while as you walk around talking and sipping without the heat from your hand warming it up. 

But now with the ready-to-drink canned cocktail companies like ‘Merican Mule, you can enjoy a nice Moscow Mule in a copper mug or in a can. They call it #coppermuleoptional because with their canned cocktail, you don’t need the copper mug if you don’t want it.


There’s been talk about how copper mugs are poisonous. High concentrations and long-term exposure of copper have been said to cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, and irritation. This doesn’t mean that drinking a Moscow Mule from a copper mug means that you’re going to die, but if you’d like to play it on the safer side then try drinking straight from the can with ‘Merican Mules


‘Merican Mule is great because you can drink it from the can if you’re worried about the copper mug effects, or you can pour it straight from the can into a copper mug and enjoy the cold refreshing drink that way. Either way, you’re drink is ready-to-drink whenever you’d like and has the rich flavor from it’s natural ginger, vodka, and lime ingredients!