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Memorial Day Mules

This Memorial day on May 30, 2022, celebrate with ‘Merican Mule by trying the new [ Light ] Mules or sticking with the classics.



‘Merican Mule is an American company through and through. They support all of the men and women who serve our country and are grateful for their service, on this day and every other day. Memorial Day is a day of both celebration and grief, accounting for the honor of our heroes and reflecting on their tragic loss. 

Since ‘Merican Mule is based out of Norwalk, CT, they take great pride in their community and love to participate in events, and so should you! This monday there are many events for you to get involved in the community of Fairfield County, CT and gather to honor those who fight for America. Some of these events where you can get involved include:  The Memorial Day Parade in Norwalk and Westport, Memorial Day picnics and celebrations in New Canaan and Fairfield, Memorial Day runs in Greenwich and Weston, and The Memorial Day Fair in Weston



You’re not sure what to drink on Memorial Day? What better way to celebrate this American holiday than by choosing an American-made drink, like ‘Merican Mule! And don’t worry because there’s a flavor for everyone. If you’re having people over, try the variety packs of the core four flavors or the new [ LIGHT ] mules. These cocktails in a can make it easy to bring with you to a party or to serve guests at your house without the mess of making them yourself. The classic Moscow Mule is a light and refreshing vodka cocktail, the Mexican Mule is the tequila cocktail that’s like a margarita, the Tropical Mule is the fruity rum cocktail that’s like a piña colada, and then there is the Southern Mule which is the bourbon whiskey cocktail that’s like an old fashioned. The [ LIGHT ] mules have Blackberry, Blood Orange, Mango and Watermelon flavors and are only 99 calories!

They are all gluten free as well!

I told you there’s a mule for everyone, so choose to drink American Mules this Memorial Day.