Merican Mule
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Merican Mule

It’s Koozie Season

Summer calls for drinking mules on the beaches and boats, and other places under the hot sun. Koozies are the key to all of these fun times! 


Koozies help to insulate your mules so that they don’t get warm and so that there’s not as much moisture condensing on the can. Did you know that using a koozie can reduce the rate at which your ‘Merican Mule heats up in the sun by up to 50%? So use koozies this summer when you’re hanging out and drinking outside, if you want your drink to stay colder for longer and so that your hands are covered in the condensation from the can!! ‘Merican Mule has tons of cool colors and designs that keep your mules looking and feeling cool.

‘Merican Mule has koozies for their core four mules:

‘Merican Mule also has koozies for their new [LIGHT] line:


Koozies are a great tool to have this summer while you’re partying and drinking mules!