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Merican Mule
Merican Mule Cocktail

Kentucky Pairings for your Kentucky Mule

The great state of Kentucky. It’s delivered for America in many great ways. One of the most notable is its contribution of 95% or the World’s bourbon. Yes, Kentucky should be considered the king of bourbon. And because of that nod, it has also claimed a stake in the family of Moscow Mule cocktails.

The Kentucky Mule is crafted famously with bourbon instead of vodka, and offers a mouth watering, full flavored alternative for the adventurous cocktail connoisseur. In terms of optics, it’s still well served in that shiny hammered copper mug.  Some restaurants opt to swap the lime wedge for an orange slice. And if leaning more towards on old fashioned Mule, they just might add a cherry on top (try ‘Merican Mule’s Southern Mule for that flavor experience).

But an American Mule cocktail spinoff is not all that Kentucky is known for. What else might go well with the Kentucky Mule that’s shares it’s roots with the Bluegrass State?

Merican mule

Fried Chicken

Kentucky is the birthplace to all the deep fried goodness. And while Colonel Sanders and KFC as most of us know it is probably the first thing that comes to mind, Kentucky boasts a a wide range of local eateries that claim a superior friend chicken experience.  Yes, friend chicken is full of savory flavor, and a Kentucky Mule is the perfect compliment when it’s sweet, bold and spicy.


College Basketball


The college sports world in Kentucky is driven by two major programs – the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Between the two, they have amassed 11 NCAA Championships, so you can expect to find Kentuckians fully immersed in hoops. In fact, the University of Kentucky has three second most championships of all time (8) only behind UCLA (11). While cheering on the red or blue, what better in hand than a Kentucky Mule?


Horse Racing

horse racing

Churchill Downs is the venue which is home to the first leg of the revered triple crown. Traditionally run on a crisp Friday evening in early May, the Kentucky Derby draws celebrities, equestrians and other fans of the fastest two minutes in sports. The official song performed prior to the race is “My Old Kentucky Home,” a favorite among the pony faithful. And while the mint julep is the official cocktail of the Derby, just add a sprig of mint to your own Kentucky Mule and you’ll be in “close enough” company.


Baseball Bats


Anyone who has picked up a baseball or softball bat has likely picked up a Louisville Slugger. The American icon has long called Kentucky home.  Sluggers are known well for their superior quality, made from either northern white ash or maple, depending on the bat. The company has been making professional bats dating all the way back to 1884.  But while the history of the Moscow Mule only dates back to 1941, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Kentucky Mule as a spectator of the famed American pastime, or even at your next company softball outing.