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What to ask Santa for Christmas: MULES!

If you need gifts that will be fun and different, without spending too much money, but still making that special person laugh and get use out of it – ‘Merican Mule’s got you this year with fun stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts, and the best drinks to bring for parties this holiday season!

We have the best gifts for you to put on your Christmas list this season or to get for that someone special in our ‘Merican Mule Holiday Gift guide:

For those Mexican Mule enthusiasts, get them the new Mexican Mule T-shirt:

For those Tropical Mule enthusiasts, get them the new Tropical Mule T-shirt:

For those Southern Mule enthusiasts, get them the new Southern Mule T-shirt:

For anyone who enjoys wearing baseball hats, either of these ‘Merican Mule Dad hats in classic navy or white are a must have:

For a fun stocking stuffer for those who enjoy drinking their mules in a classic Copper Mug, so then they can do it at home:

For any ‘Merican Mule drinker, this classic navy t-shirt is a must to have:

Another classic ‘Merican Mule navy crew neck to keep you warm this cold season and to layer perfectly in your winter outfits:

For those summer lovers who just can’t wait to be in warmer weather weaning bathing suits and tank tops, this ‘Merican Mule tank top is perfect:

For all of those who enjoy a classic Vodka-based Moscow Mule, get them a 4 pack:

For those who prefer Tequila, get them a Mexican Mule 4 pack:

For those who prefer Rum, get them a Tropical Mule 4 pack:

For those who prefer Bourbon, get them a Southern Mule 4 pack:

For those who are looking to be the life of the party and bring the best party favors, bring a variety pack (either the core mule variety packs or the light mule variety packs):

*You can order these items online on our website*

All of these make for great gifts for family/ friends! ‘Merican Mule has something for everyone! Get ready for Christmas this year the right way, and give the gifts that people really want!