Merican Mule
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Merican Mule

Health & Wellness & Canned Cocktails

It’s called balance for a reason…

Even if health and fitness is a main priority in your life, balance is key and letting yourself enjoy a drink every once and awhile is not a bad thing. 

‘Merican Mule is the perfect balance! With the core four mules (Moscow mule, Mexican mule, Tropical mule, and Southern mule) having 7% ABV, 37% less calories and 17% less sugar than a hand-made Moscow mule you’d order at a bar/restaurant, how could you resist! They give you great flavors, natural ingredients (fresh ginger and fruits), a high percentage of alcohol, and with REAL premium spirits and not malt liquor. 

Now ‘Merican Mule has even come out with a new [LIGHT] line, which they call the “skinny mules” for all of those who enjoy a drink but without the guilt. They have new flavors: Blackberry Mule, Blood Orange Mule, Mango Mule and Watermelon Mule. These mules come in at 4.5% ABV and only 99 calories in each can! With their refreshing and natural flavors, you can have fun and enjoy it without worrying too much because you know that what you’re drinking has real, good ingredients.

These are drinks you need this summer to keep your perfect balance between work and fun! So go and enjoy a refreshing mule while relaxing at the beach or pool, or while hanging out with friends/family, or just relaxing alone for the night, or even while out on a hike. Mules are versatile since they are a canned cocktail, you can bring them virtually anywhere and enjoy them while doing whatever it is that you please. You really won’t regret it!