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Merican Mule

 Giving thanks for ‘Merican Mule 

 Giving thanks for ‘Merican Mule 

Who else is giving thanks for ‘Merican Mule and all of the amazing cocktails they’ve supplied us with this year? I know I am!

This year, ‘Merican Mule has come out with its new [LIGHT] line, which is vodka-based and has different fruit flavors to choose from – ONLY 99 CALORIES!! Now that’s certainly something to be thankful for!

There are now 9 different cocktails to choose from! Enjoy any (or all) of these yummy canned cocktails this Thanksgiving! There’s a mule for every family member this Thanksgiving:

  1. Moscow Mule for the old reliable and funny uncle who enjoys a classic drink and a nice talk with his nephew
  2. Mexican Mule for the life of the party sister who’s still in college and can “only drink tequila”
  3. Tropical Mule for the aunt who’s always on vacation and wants to feel like she’s still at the beach sipping on a piña colada
  4. Southern Mule for the dad who loves his bourbon but is too lazy make his own cocktail because he gets to relax for the holiday
  5. Seasonal Pumpkin Mule for the mom that loves to be in the holiday spirit and will drink  anything pumpkin spice
  6. Mango [LIGHT] Mule for the fun and bubbly aunt who loves anything with a fruity flavor and some bubbles
  7. Blackberry [LIGHT] Mule for the older married brother who only drinks seltzers and talks about golfing
  8. Watermelon [LIGHT] Mule for the gym rat sister who wants a drink that’s under 100 calories
  9. BloodOrange [LIGHT] Mule for the uncle who says he can drink a lot but has one can and then he’s done

I know I’m thankful for all of the great times I’ve had because of mules, and this Thanksgiving will be one full of mules!

Happy Thanksgiving!!