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Ginger-focused Food Recipes

Ginger is a versatile ingredient to cook with. It provides a spicy flare that works well with meats and vegetables, while also providing a plethora of health benefits. It helps with digestion, nausea, stomach/gut issues, healthier skin, inflammation, and it also has many other health benefits.

These ginger focused food recipes pair perfectly with ‘Merican Mule’s ginger based canned cocktails:

  • Carrot ginger soup

  • Ginger lime hummus

  • Fried rice with ginger

  • Chickpea curry

  • Poke bowls with ginger

  • Ginger-miso grilled asparagus

  • Ginger scallion ramen noodles

  • Chicken soup with caramelized ginger

  • Turmeric-ginger chicken soup

  • Sweet and spicy bacon kebabs with scallion-ginger Relish

  • Curried butternut squash soup

  • Broccoli ginger stir fry

Ginger is also a very popular ingredient to use in drinks because of these health benefits and the rich flavor. ‘Merican Mule’s canned cocktails are all ginger based with different flavors and spirits in each type of cocktail. These cocktails in a can are a great addition to your ginger based meals, like some of the ones above!