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Freedom Mule Campaign

“As some Americans avoid Russian products to show support for Ukraine, a Norwalk beverage company is serving its moscow mules with a twist. (News 12 Connecticut)”

As the crisis in Ukraine unfolded before our eyes, ‘Merican Mule immediately began researching ways we could show our support. This is when CEO, Dean Mahoney, came up with the Freedom Mule campaign; for every ‘Merican Mule case sold, $1 is now donated to Operation USA, who supports Ukrainian refugees. 

To gain more traction and support, ‘Merican Mule took the Freedom Mule campaign to social media, using the hashtag #FreedomMule. Members of our ‘Merican Mule family stood with Ukraine by physically crossing off the word “Moscow,” replacing it with “Freedom” on their cans and posting a photo on their social media to spread the word. #FreedomMule began to take off, “seeing pictures all over the place from California, from Texas, from Ohio and Georgia” explained ‘Merican Mule Sales Director, Adam Scalfani. 

‘Merican Mule is so proud to say that we have raised $415 so far, with no end of the Freedom Mule campaign in sight. “Everyone says every dollar counts and I truly believe that. So, whether we raise $5, a thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars, whatever it might be – anyway we can contribute, we’re happy about it.” -Scalfani




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