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Enjoy Living with Your ‘Rents with Some Canned Cocktails

The chronicles of 2020, now that would be one heck of a book! This past year has been interesting to say the least… what ever happened to those murder hornets? Were they a myth? Or were we all too busy cocooning ourselves inside our homes that we missed them? In all seriousness, 2020 has been one chaotic rollercoaster. Worldwide, we have faced tragedy, disease, injustice, natural disasters, and so much more. Along with all these transitions, people across the United States had to adapt to the sudden changes of working remotely or even the harsh reality of job loss. Nobody planned to alter their daily routines or, in many cases, franticly search for entirely new ones.

Millions of twenty-something year-olds went from living on their own, to being back in their childhood bedrooms under their parents’ roofs. For many, this triggered a lot of personal confusion and reflection; the shock of being fiercely independent to suddenly living under the rules they had in high school really took control. Although nothing compares to a homecooked meal and childhood nostalgia, the struggle has most definitely been real for these young adults across the country. Here are a few tips to prevent this temporary change from turning into an ultimate setback.

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Power of Perspective

The power of perspective is life changing, our attitudes can make or break our days. Take this time to reflect on what you have and be thankful. Sure, maybe moving back into your childhood bedroom was not in your five-year plan, but here you are. What now? Are you going to sulk and constantly feel sorry for yourself? I promise that will accomplish absolutely nothing. Or are you going to put on your adult pants and come up with a new plan? Maybe this was the unexpected push you needed in order to end up where you are meant to be. You never know what opportunities lie ahead until you make a change in your regular routine and take some risks, now is the time to do that!


Prioritize Your Values

Take this time to really dive deep into your soul searching. I know, this probably does not sound like the most productive thing to be doing during this time of chaotic change. However, it is crucial to your personal growth which will ultimately bring you closer to becoming your best self. Your values can be absolutely anything; being present for your family, quality time with your significant other, getting quality exercise, learning to cook, etc. Prioritizing what matters most to you will bring a lot of clarity and mental peace into your life. This manifestation will open many opportunities, big and small, that revolve around your personal interest and values. So, really take this time to manifest in your needs and goals.

Enjoy Each Moment

While manifesting in becoming your best self, it is also important to take the time to make each moment count. Yes, I mean spend some time with your parents and any other relatives in the household. What better way to spend quality time with family than a movie night? Time to put on your comfiest sweatpants, prep some snacks, and enjoy a canned cocktail with the ‘rents! ‘Merican Mule is a quality line of canned Moscow Mules that come in six different flavors: Moscow (vodka), Mexican (tequila), Tropical (rum), Southern (bourbon), fire (whiskey), and Pumpkin (vodka). Who ever said you needed to spend Friday nights with other twenty-something year-olds to have fun? The ‘rents can definitely kick it too with a canned cocktail in hand!


Although your new year might be starting out living under your parents’ roof, continue to make the best out of it. Be thankful for all that you have; the opportunity to go back home, those home-cooked meals, and cozy nights in enjoying movies and cocktails with family. Keep working to become your best self and the opportunities will.