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Canned Cocktails: A Beginner’s Guide to the Ready-to-Drink Liquids That’ll Get You Thirsty: Moscow Mule

It’s a good thing that canned cocktails have evolved from what they were just a few years ago. A new generation of cocktails in a can has emerged, and they taste just as good as their fresh-mixed counterparts.

A Brief History…

It was in 1877 when the first canned cocktail was created. To help with the production of perishable goods, Albert Stevens invented a machine that would automatically seal cans filled with food. In the late 1800s, this machine proved to be revolutionary when people started to use it for preserving things like coffee and beer.

Canned cocktails became popular during Prohibition because they could be stored without spoiling and could be consumed without being detected by authorities.

The history of cocktails in a can is a story in itself. It’s a story about the shift in lifestyles in America in the 1950s, when convenience and mechanization took root in society. It’s a story of how ingredients from around the world were brought together to give us things we never would have thought possible. And it’s a story about how creativity was put on pause for decades… But not for long!

The Reason Why We Love Cocktails in a Can: Moscow mule

Canned cocktails are a convenient way to get the same satisfaction as a freshly crafted beverage. Canned cocktails are a favorite of ours because they are quick and simple to make. In addition, they’re perfect for those who want to drink but don’t want to get wasted.

Is Moscow Mule the King of Canned Cocktails?

Served in a copper mug, the drink was first created in 1941 using a combination of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer as the primary ingredients. With its 81st birthday coming up, it’s no surprise that the Moscow Mule has become a global phenomenon. Although cocktail snobs may sneer, few drinks have reaped the benefits of the current cocktail revival like gin and tonic.

Its popularity has grown for decades, and there are even signs that it will be crowned as the king of cocktails in general. Drinking a Moscow Mule is a great way to celebrate the end of a long day. They’re simple to make and cooling to drink. Using high-quality ingredients, adding a little bit of carbonation, and serving it in a chilled can is all that’s needed to make this refreshing classic your most desirable cocktail by the end of a long day.

Nowadays However, not all mules contain vodka. Both bartenders and the canned cocktail industry have successfully adapted the recipe to work with a wide range of spirits such as Tequila, Rum and Bourbon. However, that is a subject for a different article.

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