Merican Mule
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Merican Mule

Boat days with ‘Merican Mule

With summer approaching, boats are starting to go out into the water. What will you be drinking on your next boat day?

Make it an ice cold ‘Mule… or four.



Imagine you and your friends or family having fun on your boating adventure, laughing and hanging out – add some ‘Merican Mules and that’s a perfect boat day. These cocktails in a can make drinking on the go effortless and quick. No need to be mixing cocktails while on the boat or even beforehand while trying to pack for the day, just pick up a pack (or few) of ‘Merican Mule canned cocktails and have a day to remember! 

Popular summer and beach drinks like piña coladas and margaritas are sought-after by many on boat days. Thankfully, ‘Merican Mule has their Tropical Mule and Mexican Mule. They also have the original Moscow Mule and Southern Mule (like an old fashioned), which make up their core four Mules! There is seriously one for everyone’s taste!



The new ‘Merican Mule [ LIGHT ] line is the perfect drink for you and your friends/family. With four flavors (Blackberry, Blood Orange, Mango, and Watermelon) that are all only 99 calories, gluten-free and are light and refreshing, there’s something for everyone! These flavors will leave you wanting more, and all of your boating trips will become filled with ‘Mules!

‘Merican Mule cocktails will turn a fun boating day into the perfect one. This summer, make sure to stock up your coolers with these summer cocktails before your boating expeditions. It’s a one-step cocktail that requires no work from you, other than to drink and have fun! It couldn’t be easier than this, so don’t wait – get them now!


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