Merican Mule
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Merican Mule

Beginner’s guide to mules


A mule consists of REAL spirits (either vodka, tequila, rum, or bourbon) and not malt liquor, real ginger, and fresh fruit (such as lime, pineapple, orange, cherry). It contains 7% ABV and has refreshing flavors in each can! A big plus side for a lot of our consumers is to note that they are all gluten free as well!


These canned cocktails are packaged in 12oz (355ml) cans. They can be purchased in either a pack of 8 or 16, or in the variety packs. Each mule has a different packaging to represent the different delicious flavors and spirits!


The great thing about these mules is that they’re very versatile with where you can drink them! They’re easy to grab and go and bring with you on your adventures so that you can enjoy a refreshing mule without any preparation. Or you can crack one open and pour it into your copper mug and enjoy at home / at a party #coppermugoptional.


Mules are made to be very simple and easy for the consumer. You get to enjoy a premium drink without the hassle of mixing and struggling to find the perfect recipe, because ‘Merican Mule has done it for you. You also don’t have to go out to a bar just to  get served an ice cold mule – all you have to do is reach into the fridge and crack open a can!

Core four flavors:

Moscow Mule: The original vodka-based mule, made with 4X distilled vodka, ginger and lime. 

 Mexican Mule: The tequila-based mule with a “Margarita-Like” twist. Made with tequila from Mexico, ginger, citrus and lime.

Tropical Mule: The rum-based mule with a “Piña Colada-Like” twist. Made with Florida rum, ginger, tropical notes and fresh pineapple.

 Southern Mule: The bourbon-based mule with an “Old Fashioned-Like” twist. Made with Tennessee Bourbon, ginger, orange, and a hint of cherry.


Use this link to find the closest mules to you!