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Maybe you’ve noticed the recent trend of pre-packaged cocktails. Maybe not.  Either way, they’re hitting stores and bars in larger and larger quantities, and in the right format, they make a lot of sense.  They combine the ease of canned beer with the taste of cocktails, making it far easier to take…(Read More)

If you aren’t obsessed with Moscow Mules, are you even in 2017? The punchy cocktail has easily become one of the trendiest drinks you can order these days. The issue? Not everyone just has vodka, ginger beer and lime laying around to make them at home. Thankfully, that’s no longer an issue. Say…(Read More)

Moscow Mules are synonymous with summertime, fizzy ginger beer, and, though they could kill you, the copper mugs they’re traditionally served in. After some murky health questions were raised by the Alcoholic Beverages Division of Iowa, it became pretty clear that drinking Moscow Mules can actually be fatally dangerous. Cooper isn’t supposed to…(Read More)

If you’ve ever stared at a bottle of vodka, a can of ginger beer, and a lime and thought, Oh, how I wish I could make a Moscow Mule, if only it wasn’t SO MUCH WORK, rejoice: One company has radically simplified things for you. Now you can savor the three-ingredient cocktail…(Read More)