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‘Merican Mule is a craft, canned cocktail brand that has and is in pursuit of the new age American Dream.

The idea to take one of the most popular bar cocktails, and cocneptualize it in a can was drawn up in 2015 between Dean Mahoney and his colleagues.  They cashed out 401K’s, savings and split monthly credit card debt until the brand gained enough traction to self-sustain.  The dream used to be a white picket fence, a family and a beautiful home, earned through years of work at an organization.  The Corporate mantra had flipped for these founders. Anything is possible today, you just need to have confidence in yourself, and never give up.  So that is the journey that was embarked upon.

With a background in Technology and having not been born into the beverage industry, there was much to learn.  Like any good story, challenges were overcome through grit, determination and confidence. It was undeniable to the founders that a true craft cocktail brand, developed around the Moscow Mule cocktail, could impress the taste buds.

At the time, the thought was that malt-based beverages, and seltzers lacked the combination of quality and convenience that true spirits-based canned cocktails could deliver.  When the pandemic hit in 2020, the entire category growth was dramatically accelerated as consumers sought out such beverages to enjoy at home.

The brand started distributing in 2018, and since has become one of the original canned cocktail brands driving current rapid growth of the segment.  Quickly, ‘Merican Mule has become the leading canned Moscow Mule in New England, and has since expanded to reach 18 states in retail, and a total of 33 with online shipping

‘Merican Mule’s South Norwalk headquarters are nestled on Water St. just across from Norwalk Harbor, where sales and marketing operations are in full force. 

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