Merican Mule
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Merican Mule

5 Affordable Canned Cocktails

Merican Mule 


Coming in at 7% ABV, ‘Merican Mule produces four original flavors; Original, Mexican, Tropical and Southern. The Original Mule is made with vodka, ginger and lime. The Mexican Mule is made with tequila, ginger, lime and citrus. The Tropical Mule is made with rum, ginger and pineapple. The Southern Mule is made with bourbon, ginger, orange and cherry. The original flavors aren’t all that ‘Merican Mule offers as they just recently released four new vodka-based light mules coming in Blackberry, Mango, Blood Orange and Watermelon. 


$27.49 for a variety pack of 8 cans; 2 of each flavor. 


Cutwater Tequila Cocktails 


Coming in at 5.9% ABV, Cutwater offers a variety of products. Cutwater’s Ranch Water cans are made with tequila, soda water and juice. Cutwater also offers rum based mojitos, vodka sodas, holiday variety packs catering to all cravings! 


Variety packs ranging from $12.99 – 18.99.


VIDE Vodka Sodas 


Coming in at 5% ABV & 99 calories, VIDE Vodka Soda Variety Packs feature (2) Watermelon (2) Mango (2) Cranberry and (2) Peach Vodka Sodas. VIDE Vodka Sodas are made with 6x distilled gluten-free vodka, lightly carbonated water, and hints of natural flavors. 


$18.99 for a variety pack of 8 cans; 2 of each flavor. 


Absolut Cocktails 


Coming in at 7% ABV, Absolut Grapefruit cocktails are made with natural grapefruit flavor, and have no added sugars. Absolut prides themselves as being at-home bartenders featuring several recipe ideas on their website about how to use their products to make your favorite drinks right at home! 


$11.99 for a four-pack of Grapefruit cocktails. 


Vizzy Hard Seltzers 


Coming in at 5% ABV and 1 gram of sugar, Vizzy Hard Seltzers offer two different variety packs, a mimosa variety pack, watermelon seltzers and hard lemonades. Vizzy Seltzers are gluten-free, 100 calories each with 1 gram of sugar and 2 grams of carbs! 


$17.99 for a variety pack of 12 cans; 2 of each flavor.